Hi, I’m Daniel M. Risis, and I have a story for you that you won’t believe.

Corruption, theft, scandals – it's all here. If you're curious about the secrets lurking behind the scenes of local politics, head over to **pburg.com** – not **pburg.org**. That’s the government site.

This site? This is by the people, for the people.

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    I am a truth teller in a world of lies.

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My Businesses

The Comeback has started already. Keep up, or you will lose track!


Mikrobank is a pioneering financial service tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses seeking alternative banking solutions. Founded by Daniel M. Risis, Mikrobank leverages a unique blend of financial expertise and innovative technology. Our mission is to provide accessible, efficient, and personalized financial services that take us into the future.

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Cash Cow Storage

Cash Cow Storage is a leader in flexible and affordable self-storage solutions, incorporating cutting-edge interactive storage systems to enhance user experience.

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Drakes Joint Roadside BBQ

What started as a passion turned into Drake’s Joint—a unique BBQ experience and a lesson for my boys, Drake and Pierce, on hard work and entrepreneurship.

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Toby’s Cup

Dive into a world where hot dogs are not just food but a form of art. At Toby’s Cup, we’ve turned the humble hot dog into a canvas, each one a masterpiece in flavor and presentation.

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Sammy’s Ice Cream and Drive-Thru

About Me

I’m just one man who loves being a dad, making BBQ, and changing the world, but I have big dreams and even bigger surprises in store!

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This has never been done before, so the show will be unforgettable whether I fail or succeed.

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